PBC KF-1600

Table of Contents

Pearl Boat Craft Nautical Center 





Yacht Boat  -    KFY -  1600


L.O.A              :  15.96 m

Length B.P.    :  12.95 m

Reg. Breath   :    4.80 m

Reg. Depth    :    1.49 m



Kayello Trade and Industry builds quality Fiberglass Reinforced Material according to Lloyd Register for shipping specification.


Upper Cabin:

 Two Large main bedrooms, each includes Queen or full size bed with separate bathroom and clothing cabinet both rooms joined by small living room.


Lower Cabin:

 One captain room with simple bed, private bathroom and clothing cabinet. Two-crew room each one with double single bed and clothing cabinet joined by one bathroom.


Command Bridge:

Command Console includes captain chair and two passengers' seat.



Bathrooms are equipped with toilet washing basin & shower.



Counter Top with small built in fridge. Flush mount cooker and built in oven



Mattress, Seat, curtains, and carpet are from a quality material.



Stairs will be made of quality wood and fiberglass.



 Doors are made from Quality fiberglass.


Extended Rear Canopy:

 Extended rear canopy is made from fiberglass supported by S/S pipe.


Equipment & Accessories

 1.      Fiberglass fresh water tank : 500 liters

2.      Stainless steel fuel tank: 3000 liters

3.      Plumbing

4.      Electrical and Wiring

5.      Water Pumps: 3 Pcs

6.      Front Railing

7.      Navigation light System

8.      Portholes: 6 Pcs

9.      Wipers: 3 Pcs

10. Wind Shield

11. Sliding Windows

12. Bow Roller

13. Cross Bollard

14. Cleats

15. Exhaust fan

16. Blowers

17. Vent Louvers (Engines)

18. Vent Louvers (Cabin)

19. Emergency Exits.



1.      Main Engine

2.      Shaft / Shaft support

3.      Propeller

4.      Rudder

5.      Steering and control system

6.      Exhaust and cooling system



1.      Converter

2.      Electrical Panel and wiring connection

3.      Exhaust and cooling system


Anchor Winch:

1.      Winch

2.      Anchor

3.      Chain


Ice Making Machine:

1.      Ice Making Machine


Air-Conditioning System:

1.      Air-Condition

2.      Ducting

3.      Mounting and Installation



1.      GPS

2.      Rader

3.      Sonar (Fish finder)

4.      VHF Marine Radio


Recommended Engines:

1.      Main Engines                  : Twin 500 Hp

2.      Main Generator               : 40 KVA

3.      Auxiliary Generator         : 15 KVA